From Chapter 3 

The Sage and the Prude Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank

In chapter 1, we covered why Family Men should invest, in chapter 2 we covered what American Family Men need to understand about the political and financial philosophies upon which our stock markets were built.  Now we will examine principles and practices of sage and prudent investing.  Hold onto your hats gents! I guarantee it’s not going to be what you thought.  It’s much, much better!  Dare to be sagacious and prudent, and dare to teach your children sagacity and prudence, and your chances of creating substantial family wealth will be greatly enhance.  This section has twelve major propositions (as well as several bonus ones) to help your become a sage, prudent investor.  Taken collectively, these sections will teach you to become a more informed investor, prepare for volatile markets and economic downturns, and develop strategies for success.  We’re in the home stretch men, but we’ve got some work to do, so let’s get to it!! (Excerpt from page 51 of the Family Man’s Stock Market Volatility Survival Guide)