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Are Family Men Too Scared?

Family Men are worried because they are faced with the reality that if things do take a turn for the worse, they might not make it.  Do you know who First Baron Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell was? Remember the old Boy Scout motto “Be prepared?”  In the early 1900s, Baden_Powell gave the Scouts that motto.  When asked, “Be prepared for what?” Baden-Powell replied, “Why for any old thing.”  Now there is a wise, very useful, and entirely ignored idea.  Be prepared for any old thing.  The problem is we’re not. We’re still living in the foggy intoxication of highflying markets that seem never to come down, markets where anyone could make a buck. You could spend your cash with abandon and rack up credit card debt without a single care, because in that market you thought you could always make up any shortfall in a hurry. And while the possibility of dire economic or tragic market events may exist (likely exist…think Black Swan events), I am telling you things are different now. So get yourself prepared,,, (From page 12 of The Family Man’s Stock Market Volatility Survival Guide)