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Are Family Men Too Scared?

You need to remember who you’re really working for. You’re a Family Man, and that means you’re working for your family—not your boss, not your company, not your friends, not your neighbors, and especially not the appearances you’ve been maxing out your credit cards every month to keep up. You’re working for love. That’s right! L.O.V.E. If you’re not, then I suggest you figure it out and get your priorities in order. Start immediately! Because the sweet love of your life, that beautiful woman you put the wedding ring on while stammering “I do,” and those adorable little rug rats you’re so proud of that no one else can stand because they’re just sooo perfect, are the reasons you’re working so darn hard. If you are not holding them tight to the center of your heart’s protective love, you ought to be. You gave your word, you made commitments to them, so be a man and live up to them. Just face it men: it is your family you are working to sustain, protect, and adore.(From pages 17 & 18 of The Family Man’s Stock Market Volatility Survival Guide)